ASOS haul, everything makeup and base!

Hi everyone! I thought I would start this blogging journey of mine with a haul from ASOS! I mean – who doesn’t love an ASOS haul? I’ve always shopped on ASOS for clothing and accessories, but I never realised they sold makeup too!

After doing some research, I realised that ASOS launched their face and body range in 2017 – how have I missed it for this long?! MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and Estée Lauder are just some of the many, many brands ASOS stock! I spent a little bit (a-lotta-bit) of money and blamed it all on retail therapy…

The first thing I purchased was a cult favourite that I’m almost ashamed to say I’ve never tried…the Nars Creamy Radiant concealer.

Although I heard great reviews, I never bothered trying this concealer. People have been screaming this concealers praises for what seems like decades, but I always felt like Maybelline had concealers on lock down!

ASOS had a really handy swatch post that listed all of the shades, making it really simple to figure out what shade I was! You can see how my swatch and the ASOS website’s swatch compare- hopefully this helps anybody else trying to figure out what shade they are in the Nars concealer.

The next thing that I purchased was an OG favourite. The Too faced Born This Way foundation.

I used to love this foundation! I wore it everywhere, from university lectures to the club – this foundation has been a long time favourite. I ran out of my last bottle a couple of months ago and never repurchased it as I was trying newer foundations.

For some reason, nothing was good enough for me. I couldn’t figure out why, and then it clicked. I’ve missing my favourite! Nothing compares. I will do a complete review on this at some point because I clearly cannot be without it.

The best part is Jackie Aina added nine new shades last year: Truffle, Sable and Ganache which are the three darkest shades in the line, as well as several other olive and golden shades that are stocked on ASOS and cult beauty. If you struggled to find a shade prior, try again with the new extension! This is the one product I recommend the most!

Hold on – can we just take a minute to appreciate how adorable benefit mini’s are?! The next thing I purchased was the Benefit Gimmie Brow.

To be honest, I’ve never cared too much about my eyebrows, so these express eyebrow gel’s are my go-to’s. You can read all about how much I love this product here!

Swatches of all 6 shades from Benefit’s gimme brow – ASOS seriously win the game with these handy swatches!

Ahh – the highlight of all highlighters. Mac’s soft and gentle.

There have been hundreds and hundreds of highlighters released in the past couple of years, as companies have been pumping these out like nothing else. Everyone’s going highlighter crazy!

I’ve purchased the Fenty’s, the Becca’s and the Maybelline’s – but not soft and gentle. And boy, have I been missing out. This highlighter is seriously everything I’ve been wanting.

This highlighter just gives that perfect peachy glow that I’ve been looking for – forever. Embarrassed that I’ve only just tried it!

Becca’s Under Eye Brightening Corrector was my next purchase. I’ve been thinking about investing in an orange/brightening corrector lately because my medium olive skin tone tends to fall to it’s fair share of dullness. Also these under eye bags are not Chanel, sadly.

Becca’s corrector comes in two shades: light to medium, and medium to deep. I picked up the deeper shade because it looks like the perfect tone that I could use to neutralise any darkness I have around my face. I have used this and I must say- this is the creamiest and most emollient thing I’ve ever felt in my life!

It really did neutralise and correct the dullness without leaving an obvious orange circle around my eyes. It was so easily covered up with a little bit of concealer, and it even left my under eyes with a bit of a glow, too. Correction done in the most natural way- I love this!

I am very much deeply in love with everything Too Faced. Everything that the company makes just works with me so well! Too Faced can do no wrong in my eyes. Next is the Too Faced born this way ethereal setting powder.

As a dry skinned girl, I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on powders. The idea of a matte face sends me running to the hills with my arms above my head, screaming like a headless chicken.

But the word ‘ethereal’ caught my eye. Who doesn’t want a majestic glow? This powder is so finely milled and sets my face without leaving me looking cake faced! It really does make you look like you are lit from within and smoother than butter. I will absolutely be repurchasing the full size as soon as this is done! Too Faced never fails me.

That’s all for my haul! Props to you if you made it to the end because I realise this was quite long…there really is not a feeling more satisfying however than opening up an ASOS parcel to see an abundance of beauty goodies!

If you have tried any of these products than please do let me know what you think below!

See you soon,



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