Skincare essentials you will not find me without

Skincare products are released almost everyday, there is practically always a new product out that is all the rage in the community. But, I think everybody has a bunch of products that they could not live without, some real essentials. In this blog post, I wanted to share with you some of my own skincare essentials, products that I love – and maybe you will too!

Body cream

Body creams are absolutely something that I do not experiment with or change on a regular basis. I have eczema skin and have been on a very long journey trying to find the best creams that do the job without irritating my highly irritable skin! I have tried everything from prescribed creams from the doctor to the most natural and organic products – that all left my eczema in an endless flare up, but I found my dream cream in Superdrug. For £4.

I can’t even tell you the level of desperation I reached before trying this product. It was a cold winters day and all that was on my mind was my achey eczema. The place where my eczema resides in is the insides of my elbows, and it was bad. I picked up the product purely because I thought it just is not possible for my arms to flare up any more than they already had, and I needed a really quick fix. Also, it’s a huge tub as cheap as chips! As soon as I got home I slathered it on, and I woke up to a revelation.

This is the perfect intense cream that is very thick yet absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving you with radiant and hydrated skin! Superdrug claims that the cream is rich in a naturally sourced Vitamin E, an amazing antioxidant in the skincare world that revitalises and protects the skin barrier. After researching this cream I have heard so many amazing reviews from people who are suffering with all different types of skin conditions, such as overall sensitivity and nerve damage; I really recommend this! Not all heroes are £50 creams, right?!


The next product that I cannot live without is The Ordinary’s 100% Organic cold-pressed rose-hip seed oil. Rose-hip seed oil is packed full of vitamins A and C, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory fatty acids. These phenomenal ingredients make rose-hip seed oil a major wonder, as it immediately hydrates the skin and gives you a strong antioxidant boost, without the overly greasy feeling that traditional oils leave you with.

The viscous formula allows the oil to spreads easily, making it a delight to use whilst being very light on the skin and leaving you with a lovely glow. Overtime, rose-hip seed oil is said to treat signs of ageing, pigmentation and repairing damaged skin.

I have been using this oil for months for not only the skin on my face, but also mixed into my body moisturiser (Superdrug vitamin E!). It leaves my skin glowing and feeling super hydrated. It has also helped to fade some of the scars on my legs and even out the discolouration caused by my eczema on my arms 🙂 You can find it on beauty bay here for just £9!

Foot cream

Keeping your feet looking good should be a year-round practice, not just one for the summer! Up until a couple of years ago I thought I could just use my normal body cream on my feet and call it a day. But, our feet are deprived of the sufficient air and moisture that they need, stuck in our socks and shoes all day. They do actually need something thicker.

Here comes Soap and Glory’s Heel genius to the rescue! At only £6 from boots, this cream promises to ‘renovate rough feet in a single overnight session’. It also vows to soften up any rough cuticles and leave you with some happy feet.

I love this cream so much, and when I go a night without it I really can tell the difference. My skin feels and looks ten times better when I use this, and I really could seen an improvement from the very first night. I use this as soon as I come out of the shower – coat it on asap; your skin is much more absorbent of the nutrients and minerals in products whilst still wet! Put a pair of socks on right away, and you will wake up with new feet!

The ingredients in this cream are really amazing, with moisturising agents such as glycerin, macadamia oil and allantoin inside it, as well as orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers. Honestly, if you have not tried this cream yet I really encourage you to! It is amazing. And, no – it doesn’t turn your feet blue.

Face Masks

This is my dynamic duo at the fighting front, my all time favourite face mask! I love using this at the end of a long week. It just reverts my skin back to the condition that it should be in, and draws out all of the impurities. There is only one ingredient in here and that is 100% calcium bentonite clay, which is the base of practically all of the clay masks on the market, making this the ultimate clay treatment. Bentonite clay is amazing at absorbing excess oils from the skin, which will also dry out any spots and improve your overall texture.

The mask needs to be either mixed with either apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’, or some water. Either will do, and I would recommend mixing it with water if you have more of a sensitive skin as the ACV can be very strong. Apple-cider vinegar has antimicrobial properties that help treat acne bacteria on the skin, so it really helps to enhance the effects of using this mask. I have to say that this product really is a staple in my skincare collection, and if you somehow have not tried this dynamic duo, or the apple cider vinegar with the mother yet – do it! Thank me later, find it on amazon here.


Lips. Keeping your lips hydrated is so, so important – and I do not skip this step! Our lips, unlike the skin on the rest of our face, have less oil glands and have no ability to create the sun-filtering natural melanin. This means that our lips have naturally no protection on their own, so please use a lip balm! Vaseline, Carmex – you can use whatever you want to use, but please do use something!

Lanolips is my ultimate lip balm! I love this stuff and I cannot be without it. The primary ingredient used in Lanolips is medical-grade lanolin, a natural wax found on the wool of sheep that keeps their coat protected and dry throughout the year. It is 100% natural and animal cruelty free! All of the Lanolips lip products are super dense balms that penetrate & seal in moisture to give extreme hydration for extremely dry & chapped lips.

However, their products are classified as multi-balms, so you can use them on skin patches, cuticles, elbows & more! I really do like Lanolips, and have two in my bag at all times! It’s also in my everyday makeup routine which you can read here – it is a total makeup and skincare essential! You can also purchase it on Amazon, here.

These are my all time skincare essentials that I feel like I really could not be without, and I hope that you guys try some of these and let me know what you think! What are some of the products that you can’t live without?

See you soon!



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