The best budget beauty buys!

I don’t think there is a more satisfying and very guilty indulgence than going online and spending £300.99 on beauty products. But, it isn’t the nicest to your bank account.

I am so ecstatic to share with you guys some of my staple drugstore finds that I am constantly going back for, and hopefully help you to find a dupe for something you may be unnecessarily splurging on.

To prime or not to prime? That is the question. If you do choose to prime, I have an amazing one for you.

The MUA pro base moisturising primer is an absolute steal at just £4.00. The vitamin A and E in this primer hydrate the skin and leave you with a smooth base for your makeup to sit on top of. It also has tea tree oil in it which makes me feel great, because I love products that combine both makeup and skincare. This primer really makes my makeup last; I can absolutely see a difference when I am wearing this and when I am not. I find it is very similar to the Too Faced £32.00 hangover primer, particularly in consistency as they both are lotion-like. Sometimes, I wear this primer on it’s own without any makeup, because it makes your skin look so supple and fresh, with a gorgeous glow! It really is amazing and I recommend it to anybody suffering with issues with both makeup longevity and dry patches.

Brows have been the thing for the last couple of years, and Anastasia Beverly Hills has definitely taken the award for best pomade and best pencil. Personally, I am not the best at brows, and for this reason, the NYX professional makeup micro brow pencil in the shade Ash Brown, has won my heart.

This is a great brow product for a beginner, or anybody who sucks at eyebrows really. The pigmentation is not as strong as ABH, which I love, because it allows you to build up the pigmentation to create a perfect and natural eyebrow. The itty-bitty pencil also helps, as you can get into all of the gaps and spaces and fill them in. The thing I love the most about the NYX eyebrow pencils is the shade range. I think all brunettes can agree that the most frustrating thing is when companies think that there is only one shade of brown! NYX has Ash browns to blacks, chocolates and espressos – But there are also Taupes and blondes, even an auburn for coloured hair! Much more impressive than most brands. It doesn’t take too long to do and your eyebrows, and they will always look super natural! I adore this product. At £9.00, if you have not already tried it then you definitely should!

Garnier’s Micellar waters are by no means a hidden gem, but I am in love with the oil infused version, and many people don’t know about it!

Micellar waters are a very effective and gentle way to cleanse the skin, but this version is formulated with oils that emulate the job of a cleansing oil. I would recommend this to anybody who wants to try cleansing with an oil cleanser but is worried about feeling greasy. The oil in here not only helps to cleanse the skin more effectively, but also nourishes and hydrates the skin. When it comes to Micellar water, you really do not need to splurge on them; they all do the same thing. Since you follow up with another cleanser (well you should be!) afterwards anyway, you are only washing it off. The La Mer Micellar water is a whopping £70.00 compared to the £6.99 for a 400ml of the Garnier oil infused Micellar water… do yourself a favour! Garnier has an amazing skincare line for amazing pricing in general, I have been using the pure active line for a very long time and really recommend it!

As somebody with dry skin, I run for the hills at the whisper of a powder. I live for the dew and the glow, and I would rather eat broken glass than to have a matte face. So, you can imagine that finding a powder that does not kill all of my dew has truly been the bane of my existence. Well, I did it. And I did it drugstore.

The Collection 2000 sheer loose powder in the shade translucent is an amazing setting powder that doesn’t leave you looking like a chalkboard. The powder is enriched with silk and Vitamin E that leaves you with a soft-focus finish. Vitamin E is very hydrating on the skin, which helps this powder to look seamless under the eyes and around any other drier areas. Collection’s powder also contains UVA and UVB sunscreens, protecting you from sun damage; something that I am very passionate about. All of that for a bargain price of £2.99. It is so insanely impressive how well this product performs for such a cheap price; the powder is so finely milled and is completely undetectable on the skin. I have set with this, and baked with this, and it just works so well as my daily powder where I need it. This is an absolute dupe for my ultimate favourite powder, the Too Faced Born this way ethereal setting loose powder. I would even go on to say that due to the skincare benefits included in the Collection powder, it surpasses it!

Makeup revolution has been a long time favourite brand for me from the drugstore. Their eyeshadow palettes, concealers, and makeup in general is honestly top class and as cheap as chips. I have a lot of firm favourites from them, but I want to talk about a particular lip product for today.

After Kylie came out with her lip kits, a lot of drugstore brands came out with similar concepts because they just made makeup easier. People will pay extortionate prices for convenience – which is why Kylie’s lip kits did, and still do so well. Many of the drugstore brands that released lip kits just did not come up to par, at all. Makeup revolution came out with their Retro luxe matte kits in 2017, and I absolutely fell in love with them. At £6.00, ‘Bow down’ is that perfect warm, browney, beigey, nudey colour. The formulation is what really sells this to me; although it is matte, the lipstick is super comfortable on the lips. It doesn’t settle into any of the lines on the lips or accentuate any dryness thanks to the super thin formula. Nonetheless, this lipstick still maintains a high opacity, and lasts so well.

I am absolutely a low maintenance type of girl. It is really rare for me to top up my lips throughout the night; but, I honestly forget that I am wearing this sometimes and it still looks good every time I look in the mirror – even after eating and drinking. These lip kits from Revolution are available in 13 different shades, with matte formulations, gloss formulations, and metallic formulations. Try them out if you have not already, and let me know what you think!

Eye have one more lashtastic recommendation for you guys from the drugstore. Let’s talk mascara.

Mascara is not really something that I am willing to spend a lot of money on. I can’t really tell the difference between using a higher end mascara, and something from Superdrug or boots. Particularly these days when drugstore brands are really elevating their game; I don’t really deem it totally necessary to spend £30.00 on a mascara.

At £8.99, Maybelline’s lash sensational is my go to mascara. The formula of this mascara is really amazing, it is very liquidly, which makes it great for layering and even mixing with other mascaras! It never leaves your lashes looking dead and clumpy, and instead will help you to achieve full and fluffy lashes. I think we can really agree that what really sells this mascara is the wand.

The wand on this is very unique, and the way that I use it helps me to achieve the full lash effect that I’m looking for. I use the inner curve first to reach all of my lashes, short and long. I find that it provides me with the length that I am looking for out of my dream mascara. I then flip the brush and use the thicker outer curve to separate and add additional volume to my lashes. This mascara takes me from 0-100 real quick, and it really never fails me. Like the Garnier Micellar water, it is by no means a hidden gem, and most people know about this mascara – unless you have been living under a rock. I have ditched all of my other mascaras since purchasing this one, and I love it!

Top tip: if you find that your lashes fall throughout the day and cannot maintain a curl, try the lash sensational in waterproof. Waterproof mascaras hold more of a curl!

Makeup brushes are not something that I would discourage investing in too much because they will last, and they can make a massive difference in the way that your makeup looks. If you want to make an investment, I do love the Zoeva brushes, where a basic brush set will cost you £68.00. It is a happy median between something cheaper and the extortionate Mac brushes. But, if you do want to save some money on makeup brushes, Real techniques take the stage, with sets costing just £20.00. 

Image result for real techniques brushes boots

Real techniques brushes are so, so good. They never leave my makeup looking streaky, they do not shed on me, they’re cruelty free, and they stay soft and luxurious as they are made of Talon. The Real Techniques brushes are also synthetic, so they don’t suck up all of your makeup! I have not had any problems with these brushes and I’ve had them for years. I always use the expert face brush from RT to apply my foundation in an even spread. Then, I follow up with the real techniques sponge to mesh the product into my skin and achieve a natural finish. The expert face brush is also the perfect shape for blending in my concealer. I love how densely packed it is, so it helps to provide a fuller coverage. The RT brushes are insane, and should be a part of everybody’s starter makeup kits!

So, hopefully this blog post helped you guys to see that you do not actually have to empty out your entire bank account for some of the beauty products that you can find just as good in the drugstore. These are some real staple items for me that I adore and use often. Do let me know if you have any secret budget beauty finds that you think people should know about!

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