5 big skincare mistakes you are making that are so easy to break!

In the words of Hannah Montana, Everybody makes mistakes, and everybody has those days. But, skincare is not something we should be making mistakes on- on any day! Here are five of the most common skincare mistakes that you are likely to be making, and how to fix them!

Mistake #1: Not applying sunscreen!

I don’t know where this myth originated from, but sunscreen should be applied year-round, not just in the summer! UVB rays are weaker in the winter, so you won’t be getting sunburnt or anything like that. However, UVA rays cause discolouration and wrinkles, and they are just as strong in the winter as they are in the summer. Besides skincare, wearing sunscreen will help to prevent you from skin cancer, so slather that on whether it is raining or the sun is shinning! The Earth is actually closest to the sun during the winter, increasing your levels of risk – yes, even if you are a person of colour. The sun does not discriminate, so protect yourself! In an age where everybody and their mother is using chemical exfoliators (glycolic acids (AHAs)/Salicylic acids BHAs), it is even more imperative to be using sun protection, as these agents make your skin even more vulnerable to sun damage and pigmentation.

Mistake #2: The order of your skincare

Using products out of order can significantly decrease the efficiency levels and even worsen a lot of your existing skincare problems. There is absolutely no point in spending £80.00 on a serum if you are applying it at the end of your routine. With so many different textures and ingredients, it can be difficult to understand the exact order that you are supposed to apply your skincare. To really simplify the order, you should generally always start with the thinnest products, and end with the thickest.

Toners, treatments, serums generally have a thinner consistency, and therefore should be applied first. Humectants such as hyaluronic acid and heavier creams and oils tend to have a thicker consistency, that should be used towards the end of your routine.

Mistake #3: “I don’t need to moisturise, my skin is oily enough!”

This makes my body cringe. Oily skin is thirsty skin. Scrap that, dehydrated skin. Scrap that, droughty skin. The reason your skin is producing so much oil in the first place is because there isn’t enough moisture on your skin. This makes your face believe that it has to overcompensate with oil to ensure your skin doesn’t dry out. With oily skin, you have to find the perfect balance, provide your skin with that good moisture through hydrating serums (the ordinary’s Hyaluronic acid is a great one) and gel moisturisers (use a gel moisturiser rather than a heavy cream, as it’ll feel lighter and more comfortable on the skin), then sit back and watch your skin blossom.

Mistake #4: Thinking natural is always better

This is a really big misconception that social media has totally eaten up. There are thousands and thousands of quirky DIY videos on natural face masks and washes that are absolutely doing more harm than good. Just because products are natural, doesn’t make them good for you. A prime example is the notorious lemon. I can’t even tell you how many videos and articles I have seen using lemons for it’s ‘brightening effect’. They forgot to mention that lemons are also highly acidic…that tingling sensation isn’t a sign that it’s working, it’s a sign that it’s burning your face.

The best products on the market combine both natural agents and chemical agents to create a perfect concoction that synchronises with your skin. Do some research and find some amazing products formulated for the skin that will help you to achieve what you’re looking for.


Too much of the time, makeup isn’t actually being removed from our skin, and we are sleeping in it. Makeup wipes (get rid, read here for more reasons as to why!) and ineffective cleansers will leave you with traces of makeup laying on your skin, so it really is best to just go in with the double cleansing method. Double cleansing will always leave you with fresh and clean skin.

Whilst we are sleeping, our skin attempts to regenerate and replenish, however it cannot do this through a layer of makeup. Think of it as a scenario similar to being on the central line underground at peak time – all you want to do is escape – but there’s a man to your left, a woman to your right, even a baby at your feet and an armpit above your head! Your skin gets claustrophobic and breaks out as a result of not being able to breathe throughout the night. If you ask me, it probably was the armpit above the head. Makeup is rarely the problem, it is the way that you remove it!

These are the most common skincare mistakes that I hear about on a very regular basis- I even use to shamefully make some of these mistakes myself…as long as these bad mistakes aren’t in your routine, you will absolutely see changes in your skin!

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