My favourite fashion purchase of this season

I have never, ever been much of a fashion person, to be honest. My passions dive way deeper in skincare and makeup. But, like most people, the autumn/winter season are no strangers when it comes to leaving my bank account totally deserted, and this seems to be the time that all my favourite clothings brands release fashion gold. Recently, I have found myself scrolling through countless new clothes on countless new websites, building an endless list of wants and needs in my head. This one item, however, was undoubtedly a need. I could not look away from it. I had to have it.


£36.00 at Topshop. Shop these trousers here, also available in petite and tall.

Leather trousers are a total necessity. They have been a massive fashion staple for centuries – Everybody from Bella Hadid to Elvis has rocked these; arguably, one better than the other. I have wanted a good pair for absolutely ages, but it is unbelievably difficult to find a good pair that fit the leather trousers curriculum. They must be tight – yet comfortable. They should fit – yet stretch. They have to look stylish, but aren’t noisy; the requirements are endless.

These trousers are honestly everything that I want…they are to die for! They are high waisted and fall at an uberrr flattering point at your stomach, making your waist look super slim. On top of that, the piping going down the front of the trousers helps to create an illusion of longer legs. Talk about body sculpting trousers! Let me tell you, these fit amazingly. They really do come in to meet at the waist, and stretch out totally at the right places – These are bum friendly! Although these trousers stretch endlessly, they maintain their quality: which is so important to me; these actually feel great on.

With previous leather trousers I have tried, by the time I have one leg in, I’m sweating more than an olympic runner. I really should not have to have a serious battle with my trousers to get them on: these however, are lined on the inside with a smooth, thick fleece material. They slide on and off so easily! They also keep me warm, so I’ll be protected from the upcoming British winter. Speaking of sliding on and off easily, these trousers also have a button on the side which is concealed behind a zip fastening. They are so easy and practical!

They are of course a faux leather PU fabric – 100% polyethylene. To top everything off, they do not make that terrible sound faux leather makes when you are walking! These trousers are undeniably the best purchase I have made in a while, and I just know that I will be wearing these to their death. Topshop also sell them in Burgundy and khaki too. My favourite colours! I will probably be grabbing those two as well.

I love how universal these leather trousers are. Pair them with some converse and a cropped jumper, like I have done above, for a super casual and chill look. If you pair it with some Chelsea boots and a blazer, you look smart. Pair it with some heels or some knee high boots, and you look expensive. 10 stars for versatility, am I right? These trousers have been selling out like crazy, so I know I’m not the only person obsessing over them!

What do you think of them? Do you have any fashion obsessions you are buzzing about this season already? Let me know!

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