The three best styling products for curly hair, perioooood.

Since transitioning to natural hair almost a year ago, I have gone through countless styling creams, pomades and smoothies that promise to do everything to the world and back. Swearing to define curls, get rid of all that frizz, and smooth out hair – a lot of of products just did not work, leaving my natural hair in such a horrible state – you would think there was a bird resting in it. Or a couple of birds. At the same time as I found all of the stylers that did not work in my hair, I found the ones that did. And trust me, they are good. I’ve got you, and your curls, covered. These are my right hands, my go-to’s.

PS: Besides every product, I have listed the hair types that these products are ideal for. This does not mean that you cannot use a product just because your hair type is not listed though! It was just created for the particular hair type in mind. Here are the different hair types! If it helps, I have 3B-3C curl type.

Cantu natural hair moisturising curl activator cream, £7.99

IDEAL FOR THICK, CURLY HAIR – TYPE 3A,B,C – 4 A,B,C. You can use this product if you have finer hair, but use less so that you don’t weigh your curls down! Who wants flat hair? Not me.

Cantu moisturising curl activator cream activates curls, delivers volume, reveals frizz-free, bouncy curls, enhancing natural curl pattern. Cantu moisturising curl activator cream also leave the hair feeling virtually weightless and soft.

Cantu is probably one of the most popular brands when it comes to natural hair. Although there are some products from Cantu that just aren’t going to work for everybody’s hair type, this product is a total home run. I have seen people from all across the spectrum use this cream to style their hair.

A little goes a really long way with this product. I use a pea-sized amount of cream on each of the three sections that I part my hair in whilst styling, and that’s all I need! It is really thick and moisturising, and after scrunching – this product really does enhance my natural curl pattern beautifully – without the frizz. This product can feel heavy if too much is applied, so moderate how much you are using! it’s always best to start with less and add more, than to go in with too much and struggle to take it out.

Whilst I was transitioning to the au-natural side of life, my biggest problem was sections of straight and stringy strands of hair, and an insanely uneven curl pattern. It was so bad that I genuinely was embarrassed about it at the start. I needed a thicker cream that would allow me to manipulate my strands into the even curl shape that I desired. Say goodbye to strangely shaped strands and hello to defined and elongated curls! The best part about this cream is that it is crunch free, leaving your hair soft and shiny. The ingredients in here are amazing too, so rest assured that you are nourishing your unruly strands at the same time as styling them. This has great hold on it’s own, but you can absolutely lock it in with a gel afterwards, if you wish (and I recommend!).

Devacurl B’leave in miracle curl plumper, £47.99

UNIVERSAL PRODUCT, IDEAL FOR EVERYBODY, BUT WORKS BEST ON 1A,B,C,2A,B,C AND 3A,B,C CURLS. (4a,b,c, girls – try Devacurl’s Supercream, coconut curl styler, you will love it more! It is thicker and oh so heavenly moisturising. Love it so much!)

  • A lightweight leave-in gelée for natural curls.
  • Offers moisturizing conditioning & strengthening benefits.
  • Adds instant shine volume & plumpness to curls.
  • Creates soft smooth defined & touchable curls.
  • Free of parabens sulfates & silicone.

This is my favourite styler in the whole wide world. No joke, this is gold dust to me. (And it better be, for that price tag!)

Essentially, this product defines and emphasises whatever curls or waves you already have going on. If you have fine hair, this will be your best friend. It adds volume and density, ideal for anybody who is transitioning as it will help to cover up the damage you have going on! B’leave in is super lightweight – unlike most styling products, this is not a cream. The texture of b’leave in is somewhat like a gloopy gel, since it is glycerin-based (glycerin is a great humectant that absorbs moisture from your surroundings!), it will never feel heavy and thick on your hair; regardless of how much you use! I always, always recommend this to anybody transitioning, and everybody in general since I still use it today!

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Smoothie, £12.99

IDEAL FOR CURLY THICK/THICK HAIR, AND TYPE 3A,B,C-4A,B,C You can use this product if you have finer hair, but use less so that you don’t weigh your curls down!

Our Curl Enhancing Smoothie, enriched with Silk Protein and Neem Oil, defines curls, reduces frizz and smooths hair for a soft, silky feel. Coconut and Neem Oils restore moisture and create brilliant shine. Nutrient rich vegetable butters condition hair without weighing it down for bouncy, healthy curls.

I think most curly-haired girls know about this product. Ironically, this is one of the most popular stylers of the bunch, yet it is the last one I tried! I’m so glad that this baby is in my life however, because it absolutely revolutionised my hair routine…

This cream honestly makes my hair look the curliest, thickest, and healthiest that it has ever looked. I don’t even know what is in this stuff, but it really is magic in a tub. My hair just drinks this up, and paired with a great gel – I promise your hair will look 10/10. Hello, curl definition and volume! The only down side to this product is that it does not control frizz too well; which is fine, since it does not make this claim. It just means that I personally have to go in with a great gel, or a good serum to tame my curls, or they will explode into crinkly mess in a matter of hours. You need to try this, if you have not already, and tell me what you think!

So, those are all three of my ultimate favourite stylers that I swear by. There are a lot of hoax products making dreamy claims just for marketing, so I hope this list helps you to save some money, because we all know how expensive natural hair can get, and invest in haircare that that you can trust will work.

Do you have any other favourite stylers? Let me know!

See you soon,



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