My favourite first-step cleansers!

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When it comes to my cleansing routine, I absolutely cannot go without double cleansing. You can check out my blog post here where I explain everything double-cleansing if you’re wondering what that is!

But, finding the right first-step cleanser in a world of oils, waters, milks and balms can be daunting. I personally need my first-step cleanser to be effective in cutting through not only my makeup, but all of my skincare underneath, and all the dirt from the air that is just chilling on my skin.

I’ve tried my fair share of formulations and I have finally found my top two cleansers that I repurchase time and time again; and I just can’t be without.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, £23

This is an emulsifying oil cleanser. This cleanser needs to be rubbed onto your skin whilst your skin is dry – not wet. Before you wash the cleanser away, use some water to go in again and watch it emulsify, transforming into a milkier cleanser. Rub that into your skin. Cleanse as you would with any other normal cleanser, and then wash it all off! I use this in the shower for convenience – but just make sure your face doesn’t get wet before using it!

This is genuinely my favooouurriteee cleanser. I always recommend it to everybody because it is just the best. I use it daily to remove everything. Waterproof mascara? Gone. Sunscreen? Gone. Eyeshadow? See ya! This is just so effective. You don’t need to scrub at your skin because it does all of the work itself.

Its main ingredient is organic olive oil, so it has a thicker consistency than your usual oil. But, this doesn’t cling to skin or leave you feeling greasy. It leaves zero residue, and washes away easily- so I just know it would be suitable for all skin types! It emulsifies beautifully and has a great texture, so it feels super luxurious on the skin too. A little goes a long way with this oil – I find I only need a pump for my whole face, so this lasts me a long time.

This is my favourite oil cleanser, and it’s about to be your fav too! You can purchase it here for £23!

The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser £6.98

This is a balm-to-oil cleanser. It comes out in a thick solid balm that melts like butter as you rub the product between your fingers, producing an oilier consistency. It takes about 10-30 seconds to completely transform. Unlike the DHC cleanser, this doesn’t need to be emulsified and can be wiped or rinsed off right after cleansing.

I prefer this cleanser when I’m travelling because it is so much more convenient, and mess-free! Who needs to be hunched over a bathroom sink with water dripping down their sleeves trying to emulsify an oil cleanser? Not this guy!

The Ordinary is a cheap and cheerful brand with quality. They have so many products that have these crazy actives in there to help with your skin, but this is one of their most simple products.

I love using it when my skin is feeling particularly dry or irritated because it is so, so gentle. This is a really effective cleanser that glides like a dream over dry skin, so effortlessly! It is formulated to remove makeup and buildup on the skin, whilst leaving the skin smooth and soft. I do find the DHC cleanser breaks down product on the skin quicker and easier than this cleanser, but the price and quality of The ordinary’s cleanser make up for it. I do have to use more of this product to remove my makeup than I do with the DHC cleanser though so that may be something to keep in mind.

The Ordinary’s cleanser has Squalene as a main ingredient, which we produce naturally in our own skin to maintain the skin barrier and upkeep hydration. Squalene also adds a great slip to the product adding to the experience of it. It really is the little things that make products enjoyable!

Thus, this cleanser is particularly great for people with dry skin because it is extra nourishing. It still washes off and doesn’t leave greasy film on the skin, so I would recommend it for every skin type. I think as this is more of a balm cleanser, people with oily skin would enjoy this more than an oil!

You can buy the standard 50ml version of this cleanser here, and the supersize here! The cleanser is also alcohol-free, oil-free, silicone-free, nut-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free AND vegan. Damn.

These are my ultimate first-step cleansers. They do a great job of removing my makeup and cutting through the grime on my skin, and prepare my skin for my second cleanse that actually cleans my skin.

I hope that this posts helps to introduce you to some effective cleansers that do a great job! Let me know if you have any first-step cleansers that you would recommend! I’ll be following up with the best second step cleansers soon – so keep an eye out!

See you soon,

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