February Empties – what did I love and what did I loathe?

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Empties are my favourites to read up on. I mean, if there is ever a time to figure out how you feel about a product, it’s when you’re at the bottom of it. Right?

I have so much to show you since I’ve been saving a lot of these for a while, so let’s cut the intro short and just get into it!


Haircare empties
Haircare empties!
Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen and Restore Shampoo £8.55

This shampoo has taken me absolutely ages to finish – at 506ml, I felt like I was going through it forever! This shampoo is intended for chemically processed or just generally damaged hair. Therefore, its super nourishing yet it remains gentle on the scalp. I always feel like I have clean, but not overly stripped hair. I think this shampoo has played a major role in my hair recovery journey. It is sulphate free and silicone free, meaning it keeps my dry hair nice and hydrated. I really recommend this shampoo!

Eco styler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel £7.95

Ecostyler is just an ordinary, staple hair gel. There’s nothing special about it, but I’ll always have it somewhere in my house because it just does the job. I think everybody has tried an Ecostyler gel at least once in their lives. I find the Argan oil gel leaves you with the least amount of flaking. So, if that is something you struggle with, maybe you should try this one!

I personally won’t be repurchasing this, as I feel there are tons of gels out there on the market that will just do that little bite more.

Cantu Shea Butter Deep Treatment Hair Masque £2.13

My haircare routine revolves around picking up anything that has the words ‘hydrating’ or ‘nourishing’ printed on the front because my hair is just dry and needs the help.

This was a dream to use; it’s super thick, so you can get a really intense mask out of it. I got 3 uses out of this little packet. This mask promises to strengthen damaged hair and boost moisture retention; but it absolutely increased my hair elasticity and reduced my breakage! I’m a big fan of this mask, so I will definitely be repurchasing.


Skincare empties
Skincare empties!
Garnier Moisture Bomb Pomegranate Hydrating Face Sheet Mask £1.95 and Garnier Moisture Bomb Lavender Hydrating Face Sheet Mask £1.95

I was apprehensive to try Garnier’s face masks because I’ve only used Korean face masks in the past. Well, I was right to be, because these masks made me break out. The actual mask is great, it fits to the face and doesn’t slide around at all. I would recommend you to try it, and see how you like it. I’m pretty sure it’s something within the ingredients list that is just not agreeing with my overly sensitive skin. I see so many people enjoying these masks! But, I personally will not be repurchasing.

Simple Water Boost 5-Minute Reset Hydrogel Face Mask £1.69

This sheet mask was everything that the Garnier masks weren’t for me. Honestly, I’ve repurchased this mask in bulk already because I was just that impressed. This is a hydrogel mask, so it has that thicker, more jelly-like consistency. This contrasts the sticky, watery essence used in ordinary paper masks. Hydrogel’s adhere to the skin so well, and feel so luxurious on the skin. It doesn’t dry out easily: and this is absolutely something that is apparent in the Simple mask. My skin felt so hydrated and renewed. Simple claims one mask is equal to 40 days of moisturiser. Although this is debatable, I cannot deny how plump my skin looks after using it. I do think everybody should try this mask! love, love, love it.

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser £9.24 for full size

I received this as a sample when I purchased some things from Wishtrend, and this cleanser has really surprised me. Cosrx are an amazing brand that aim to make high quality skincare affordable and accessible. This cleanser, of course, is no exception. As a gel-type cleanser, it has a low pH, made specifically for use in the morning. It cleanses the skin without stripping or drying out the skin, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean. Whilst remaining gentle, this cleanser exfoliates dead skin and clears out pores effectively.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil £19.20

Finishing this oil cleanser is always bittersweet. I have gone through bottles and bottles of it; it’s just my favourite. You can read more about why I love this cleanser so much here, where I discuss my favourite first-step cleansers. To summarise – nothing is quite like this. No matter what I’m wearing on my face: a full beat or just some sunscreen, I always use this to remove the impurities from the day. I highly recommend this cleanser!

Benton Aloe Soothing Mask Pack £2.00

This is a great face mask for soothing irritated skin and leaving your face feeling hydrated and happy. I love using aloe masks when I’m breaking out, or when my skin is feeling dry and dull. This is a paper mask – so it’s not as great as a hydrogel when it comes to adherence. The excellent ingredients and instant results make me repurchase this mask time and time again. This mask is free from artificial fragrance and alcohol – so I absolutely recommend it!

Cosrx Clear Fit Master Patch £3.85

These clear patches are insane. At first, I thought they were just a gimmick, but they’re so cheap that it doesn’t hurt to try! These patches drew out all of the gunk from the spots, so they would heal a whole lot faster. You know those pesky spots you get when you’re on your period? They tend to like to stick around, but with these patches they lasted half the time. More than that, it cut down how red and big they were the very next day. At the very least, these patches are useful in preventing you from picking at your spots – which I feel like we all need to remind ourselves to do sometimes!

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% 30ml

I love, love, love this serum. Niacinimde is such a skincare holy grail that I don’t even have to talk about it that much. I’m sure you’ve heard it all already. This serum has been unbelievable in evening out my overall skin tone, and helping with lightening any scars or hyperpigmentation. It also helps with pore size, and active acne. The Zinc in it is supposed to be effective in helping with regulating oil. Overall I do really recommend this serum! It’s excellent.


Makeup empties

Makeup empties!
Face Republic Super Sunscreen Sun Gel SPF 50+/PA+++ £11.99

This has been my go-to sunscreen for the longest time. Enriched with Niacinimde and Aloe, an SPF of 50 and hyaluronic acid alongside ceramides – Face Republic just created a dreamy daily cream. It has everything you need to protect your skin and leave you feeling super hydrated. The cream isn’t too thick either, so I would recommend it to all skin types. It wouldn’t feel to heavy on an oily skin, but not too light on a drier skin (like mine). I would absolutely really, really recommend this, and have got so many of my own friends hooked! I’ve always got a back up of this somewhere.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara £5.15

Maybelline’s lash sensational mascara is just my favourite. My lashes aren’t that short, but they really are that straight. I find that no matter how much I pump at my lashes with torture-weapon-esc lash curlers, I can never sustain a good curl. A good lash day is rare, but if I’m going to get it anywhere, it’s with this mascara. It lengthens and promotes lash volume so well, at the same time as creating a sexy and separated look. I have repurchased so many of these – I genuinely cannot tell you. It’s my favourite mascara. I really recommend this mascara, and you will defiantly be seeing it in future empties posts!

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer £4.00

These concealers are as cheap as chips and effective as hell. They’re so pigmented, creamy, and rich. The shade range is excellent, which is just amazing. Gone are the days where you had to wear foundations and concealers 16 shades off. If you have not tried these concealers before – or Makeup Revolution’s entire base range, I highly recommend you do. You won’t be breaking the bank, and you will be achieving an expensive look. The only con to these concealers is how small they are! You get through them so fast. As you can see, I have finished two concealers in the space of a month.


Bodycare empties
Sanex Dermo Moisturising Shower Gel £2.00

This body wash was a major disappointment for me. As somebody who is eczema prone, I was really excited to try it out and have ‘restored skin’. The experience you have with this is its downfall. The lather is pathetic, the scent is non-existent, and the consistency is watery. I will admit that your skin does feel hydrated when you leave the shower.. Upon looking into the ingredients, the Sanex body washes are actually formulated with fragrance still. This is disappointing for a brand aimed at dry and sensitive skin. I won’t be repurchasing this again, and I’m not sure I’d recommend you to either.

Sukin Renewing Body scrub £11.95

The Sukin renewing body scrub is formulated with green tea. The exfoliant within this scrub is sparse, so I had to use a lot of product to get a decent scrub. The leaves got stuck in my shower drain like you would never imagine. I had to really deeply clean out my shower every single time I used this, so it can be a little bit of a pain. The good thing about it is that it is formulated as a cream, which is really great for hydrating the skin. This makes your legs in particular feel extra smooth and soft. The scrub is all natural, which is great because it’s important to support the communities that support our environment. Overall, I would say this is not too effective as a deep exfoliant, but handy to have as a gentle scrub during the winter time. Saying this, I won’t be repurchasing.

Nivea Sensitive Shower Cream £1.99

I did quite enjoy this shower cream, contrary to it’s negative reviews. It was the first time that I had tried a Nivea shower gel. I am a devoted Dove user, but I was pleasantly surprised. The lather was excellent and the scent of this is so fresh and clean. I found that it didn’t irritate my skin, or leave me feeling overly stripped. My skin felt hydrated thanks to the rich moisture formulation, which my dry skin is always thankful for. I would really recommend this shower cream!

So, that is everything – congratulations if you made it to the end because this was a very long empties post! I can’t even express the satisfaction I got when I finally got to chuck all of this rubbish away. It was hauling up on my shelf in a box for weeks on end just so I could create this post. I had so much fun writing it, and I hope it gives you an insight on some of these products!

See you soon,


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