Where have I been? A small update

To say that things have been crazy lately is a total understatement. We are all in the same boat however so please do not feel lonely if you are feeling worried or anxious about current affairs. I pray that you, and all of your friends and family remain safe during these uncertain times, and there is always a safe space in my email inbox and instagram dm’s if anybody ever wants to chat x

I did want to talk to you a little about where I have been, since I have not posted a blog post in two months. In all honesty, I have just been trying to focus on my university degree at the moment, as I am in my final year now. I have countless blog posts planned for when I return, and I cannot wait to get back. I can’t even tell you how much I miss sitting down and finding tranquility in speaking to you about my favourite things. I also wish that I could offer you all an element of escapism from everything that is happening – and that is what upsets me the most!

Please do be patient with me however, as when I am back – I will be back. I cannot wait to meet you all again soon!

Lots and lots of love,


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