Spend the night with me! Reuniting with my best friend!πŸ€ŸπŸ’«

The C-word has kept most of us away from the people that are nearest and dearest to us, but the rules and regulations in the UK have relaxed as of late. This means that we have been able to meet up and spend time with the people we have been apart from for months!

Meeting up with my best friend was the first thing on my agenda. Constant texting, calls and FaceTimes are all good and well but nothing beats being able to see people face to face!

We wanted to do something that we hadn’t done in a really long time. So, we hit up the bowling alleys in All Star Lanes, Westfield!

I can’t even tell you the last time that I went bowling…It was such a spontaneous and last minute decision, but I’m so glad that we went!

The venue was so, so beautiful. It was our first time being here, and we both thought that it was going to be a really casual. Maybe a small bar area with some tables attached to dine near the bowling alleys. But boy, where we wrong! The alleys and the restaurant are in two completely different sections, and both are really quite big.

It’s such a modern and fancy setting, and I just know that I will be going back soon. It was not actually that busy, even though we had a Friday 10PM booking – which was peak time. Both for the food and for the bowling, we did not have to wait longer than ten minutes.

The restaurant was the first place that we hit up, because if there is one thing that me and my friends can do – we can eat. Anything. Anything at all. And all of it.

It tasted exactly like what it looks like.

We both picked up Buttermilk Chicken burgers, because it is something that I have always heard people rave on and on about, yet had never tried.

The burger was okay, as long as we had unlimited mini buckets of ketchup and mayo to hand since it was a little dry. I’m sure there are better buttermilk burgers out there, and there are absolutely better burgers out there. No biggie, it was filling and we were too hungry to care!

All staff members were wearing masks and protective visors. I just wanted to highlight this in case anybody was worried about this particular aspect!

Next, of course we went bowling! This was so much fun! The games are cheap and between two players, each game lasts about forty minutes. Competition is encouraged through interactive scoreboards with funny memes playing throughout! I saw plenty of motorbikes crashing into things, since, you know, I lost

In my defence, I was winning until the last couple of rounds…

Again, if you are interested in knowing how the alley enforces social distancing, each lane is divided with plastic dividers and the bowling balls are labelled for each player.

We then moved on to the Photo Booth, which we were so thrilled to find. Photo booth’s are so much fun, and I am always willing to pay the extortionate fees in turn for physical memories…they’re soo cute!

You never know with photo booth’s! You are either going to come out looking like a left toe, a right toe, or a decent toe.

I had been feeling a little down the previous week and some TLC with my girl put me right on track. I mean, that’s all we need in this life! Time with the people who matter the most to us.

I really encourage you guys to take some time out of your week to get in contact with your friends. Even if you are still too worried about going to restaurants and bars, making the effort to get in contact with people will take you a long way.

I for one, found myself becoming much more socially anxious and introverted than usual as a result of my limited social contact during lockdown, so I am so glad to be replenishing my social meter! Also – who wouldn’t feel better after seeing their friends if they look like this?

Outfit detailsπŸ’«

My bodysuit is years old from Pretty Little Thing. It’s a gorgeous slinky material that is thick enough that your nips don’t poke through! I had a quick browse on their website to see if they still stocked it but they don’t! πŸ™ I found something kind of similar here. The only real difference is the zip going down the middle.

My leather trousers are from Topshop! I dedicated an entire blog post to them a while back which you can read here! So, I won’t spend too much time talking about them, but I love these trousers and wear them so often πŸ™‚ Such a great quality of ‘leather’.

Thank you so much for reading!

Stay safe,



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